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Weekly: Google Analytics and building habits

Well, skipping the things that I had to do, one of the fun things that I’ve been exploring is Google Analytics. I’ve heard so much about it, and we actually used it in my current team (just that I haven’t really worked on this portion yet).

Went through the GA For Beginners course and it actually gives me a nice little certificate of completion. So that’s nice. I’m bringing this up because I want to experiment with it, which means that I’ve integrated it with this blog, as well as my landing page. Hopefully I can get some kind of metric at the end of the month. Unless the visitors of my sites are all bots, which would be a little disheartening.

Regardless, it’s a bit of a fun experiment, as much as I dislike ads and tracking, I think the idea behind it is pretty cool. To be able to understand your users’ behavior and guide them to perform the desired actions on your site (e.g. purchasing an item) while understanding the bottlenecks of the process is pretty interesting.

Well obviously I haven’t really set any goals or targets that I want to achieve yet, but who knows, that might change.

Been trying to build good habits with different apps, the one that I’ve settled on is called Done(iOS). It’s extremely simple and straightforward which is exactly what I’m looking for, I don’t need complex metrics so much so as just letting me know what my progress has been. So a habit I’ve been trying to build is to read everyday.

30 mins of reading everyday. It has to be a book, not just any random articles online. I’m happy to say that I’ve been able to keep it up consistently for the past 9/10 days (1 day missed out of my control). It has been going rather well. I am almost done with “The Pragmatic Programmer” which has been highly recommended by many of my colleagues. And yeah, I really should have read it sooner. Hopefully I’m able to internalize all the ideas and start applying to my work!

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