Apple Magic Trackpad 2 in 2022

I just bought the Apple Magic Trackpad 2 in 2022, a 7 year old product. Why? Justifications aside, because I can; also cause someone was setting it 2nd hand (2 months old) at 35% discount ヽ(´▽`)/

I’ve always been curious (for the past 4 years) about using a trackpad in a desktop setting, the gesture controls just seems like a nice thing to have.

What I like about it ❤️

  • Navigation
    • Extremely useful for moving around in large diagrams: something I do quite often in my job
    • Very useful for excel sheets
    • Web browsing with gestures is awesome, especially the 2 finger swipe to go back to previous page
    • 2 finger double tap zoom to fill screen
  • 3 finger drag (enabled in accessibility): less fatigue on my finger since I don’t have to click and hold
    • moving windows
    • highlighting text
    • moving browser tabs
    • moving files
    • basically anything that needs click and hold
  • battery life seems pretty good; should be able to last a month per charge
  • works flawlessly with universal control (what’s this?)

What I don’t like about it 💔

  • Scrolling long pages/documents, more actions needed: too used to the freewheel scrolling features on MX Master 3
  • not as comfortable; still figuring out the ergonomics
  • no middle-click? what the f?
    • there are apps that can replicate this behaviour but they are paid 🤮

Conclusion 📕

Would I recommend it? Well… no. I’m not against it, but unless you’re very clear what you want to use it for, there really isn’t a strong use case for it. It’s definitely a nice-to-have gadget if you do see it on a huge discount!

Some people have complained that it’s not as accurate as a mouse for daily tasks, I didn’t face any issues. I will be using it as my primary pointer device and see how it goes. When I get a bigger desk, I believe I would switch to a mouse + trackpad combo and use whichever makes sense for the task at hand.

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