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Uptime monitoring with uptime kuma

After migrating this blog to self-hosted, I thought about how to monitor its up time and to get some notifications if it ever went down. I’ve been using uptimerobot for the longest time and it has worked well for many years, like at least 6 years. It’s time to self-host this as well.

I chanced upon uptime-kuma which is a popular open source self-hosted monitoring tool. Setting up was extremely easy with docker-compose and I got it up and running in minutes. Set up another simple telegram bot and now I have a pretty robust notification system if any of my sites went down.

Anyone can now see if I’ve been doing a good job at keeping my sites up at

And if anything goes down….

when I accidentally removed the DNS entry for uptime

It is so easy to setup that there’s no reason for anyone to not monitor their sites. My favourite part is that it actually looks pretty good!

The docker-compose.yml example that the repo gives is everything you need, though your mileage will certainly vary once you take into account your own networking configurations.

Give it a try and have fun monitoring your own sites!